About Me

Miriam Unsworth Counselling

I first experienced personal counselling over 20 years ago and this was the start of a journey of transformation, training and practice that isn’t about being an expert or fixing you.  Life simply isn’t static and feelings sometimes get stuck or ebb and flow.

I’m a BACP registered qualified integrative counsellor with a wealth of life experience to bring to our relationship.  At all times our work will be held by person-centred values that support your capacity for growth and change without pressure or expectation.  I will be fully and dynamically engaged with all aspects of your life experiences and concerns.

I welcome and support all the following areas of concern:

  • Parents who might be feeling overwhelmed, confused or even desperate and are unsure what to do for the best.  
  • Young people who might feel like talking to a caring person about the challenges they face inside and outside the family home, worries or relationship problems.  
  • The challenges of later life.
  • Bereavement or loss.
  • The experience of cancer and other serious illness. 
  • Relationship or marriage difficulties.  Problems relating in friendships or families.  
  • Conflict over work issues.
  • Low mood, depression or anxiety that might be impacting on an ability to enjoy life and relationships.
  • Ways of coping that have taken over such as food, alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling.  
  • Courses in Couples Counselling
  • ASIST courses on suicide risk, self-harm and mental health awareness
  • Extensive experience in Private Practice.
  • Counselling staff at Worthing Hospital and students at City College, Brighton.
  • Facilitating a secondary breast cancer support group.