“Sometimes you can’t see the wood from the trees in life and speaking to someone from the outside looking in can be so helpful.

I was going through a very challenging time with my daughter as well as facing some other big changes in my life. Having counselling allowed me to talk about the situation without judgement or prejudice, but more than that, I came to trust Miriam would see things from my daughter’s perspective too and that was incredibly important to me. Every time I weakened she helped me stay on track and find the strength to carry on.

I was able to build a deep and trusting relationship with Miriam and will always look back on the time I spent with her with fondness and gratitiude.”

“From the first session Miriam was able to help me gain insight, as well as empathising, providing support and guiding me through, using mindfulness techniques at times, as well as talking. I had various personal and work-related challenges and Miriam helped me find peace of mind and restored my confidence while enabling me to come to my own conclusions.

Through every session Miriam made me feel reassured and comfortable while always remaining professional and warm, without fear of judgement. The atmosphere was always relaxed and she created a safe environment for me to speak freely and feel much more positive.”

“My brother had died in horrific circumstances and I felt extremely traumatised. I immediately felt able to be ‘real’ with Miriam and knew that I could let go of my feelings and emotions in a safe, non-judgemental environment. She helped me to understand my feelings were real and valid and enabled me to explore some of the places feelings might have ‘taken seed’. She gave me encouragement when I felt as though I was drowning in a sea of grief and I felt lighter at the end of each session. I am forever grateful for her professional compassion at the worst time of my life.”